Children with mobility issue learning craft to become indipendent
In rural areas like these, long studies often seem more like a luxury. This specific type of education help them learn a craft, that they can easily turn into a self employment job.
The tools from Gereed help the students join theory and practice since for most of them their parents don’t have the means necessary to purchase them.

I was to happy to join and participate in this work for the Gered Gerredschap. A NGO based in Netherlands who collect and refurbish discarded tools for the benefit of small-scale projects in developing countries. With the aim to assist people to become self-reliant and earn an independent income. In rural areas in my countries, this makes profound sense as most students don’t have the luxury of doing long studies because of difficult financial situation. So it was a real joy and privilege to add my contribution in promotion their actions. The field work was done in Bamenda in various schools & training centers the NGO partners with.


La semaine dernière j’ai eu l’opportunité avec mon équipe de voyager pour couvrir un événement. De découvrir une partie du pays que je ne connaissais pas et de créer de beaux souvenirs pour le couple. Et à ce moment là je me suis rendu compte du chemin parcouru. Waouh, des débuts où j’avais juste une

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