Children’s Wisdom is a phoetry (photography & poetry ) project, that came to me as I was photographing children
who were playing. I was able to gain some wisdom from what I saw which I have the pleasure of sharing with you.
Enjoy & Share.

Je termine cette journée sur une très bonne note. Et je me rends compte encore une fois que très souvent, le plus difficile dans la réalisation d’un projet, c’est souvent de commencer. Faire le premier pas. Se lancer. Pourquoi? Parce qu’on a peur? Non pas forcément, en tout cas pas dans tous les cas. Je

I was to happy to join and participate in this work for the Gered Gerredschap. A NGO based in Netherlands who collect and refurbish discarded tools for the benefit of small-scale projects in developing countries. With the aim to assist people to become self-reliant and earn an independent income. In rural areas in my countries, this

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